Propane Shortage-Winona

Residents in and around Winona have seen rising propane prices as the propane shortage this winter continues.

Josh Severson, General Manager of Severson Oil, says their customers have been getting the propane they need but notes drivers have reported long lines at terminals.
Severson says there have been 8 hour waits and longer reported and the price per gallon got near $5 at one point but has gone down a little recently. He says the bitter cold winter, high demand and the propane shortage has been a perfect storm.

Severson thanks all the people who are putting in extra hours to ensure their customers needs are met.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and six other governors are writing to President Barack Obama asking for help in addressing the propane shortage and price increases. They are asking for the administration to help increase propane supplies through "every means of transport."

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