Duellman Appeal

Last week was a bad week for Steve Duellman of rural Fountain City.
 Over the course of three days his business burned down and he learned for a second time he was off the ballot for the Cochrane-Fountain City  school board election on April 1st.

Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board (GAB) initially advised the School District to place Duellman's name on the ballot after school board president Ed Callahan denied Duellman ballot access due to error in filing of candidacy papers.

In response to Callahan the GAB on Friday reversed its first finding and said Callahan was within his authority to deny ballot access "based on the facts" described by Callahan.

Duellman was given 10 days to appeal the school district's decision and file a complaint with GAB along with supporting information for the complaint.

Duellman Monday night said he was going to file a complaint and appeal Callahan's ruling.

Duellman's was taken off the ballot originally because he missed a January 7th deadline to file election papers with the school district.

Duellman is 0 for 4 in past attempts to get elected to the school board. He says if he doesn't get on the ballot, he'll likely run a 5th time as a write-in candidate on April 1st.

Meanwhile Duellman also learned that the damage to his business near Fountain City from a fire last week is about 2-million dollars. He plans to rebuild the business that saw 21 employees lose their jobs.

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