Deer Meetings

Deer populations and how to manage them in portions of southeastern Minnesota will be the topic of two Department of Natural Resources public meetings scheduled this month.

Population goals will be set for all 300-series permit areas with the exception of 338 and 339, which are just south and west of the Twin Cities metro area.

The meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 19th, at Lake City  High School, , and Thursday, Feb. 25th, at the St. Charles Elementary School auditorium. Both will run from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The DNR says it's the first step a goal-setting process designed so citizens can express their views on deer numbers and issues associated with deer management.

Beginning Monday, Feb. 10, people may visit the Minnesota DNR's website for more information and background on the goal-setting process. You also may provide input on the goal-setting process and deer management by completing an online questionnaire.

Similar to past deer goal-setting processes, a citizen advisory team will be convened to provide direction on deer permit area population goals. Members of the advisory team - selected from a previous call to the public for nominations - will be announced later this month.

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