Frozen Pipes-Welding

With an increasing number of reports about frozen water pipes in and around Winona, the Winona Fire Department has issued an advisory telling homeowners to hire a licensed plumber to thaw out the pipes instead of using welding equipment.

Fire Chief Kurt Bittle says at no time should welding equipment be used for thawing pipes and no welding equipment should be attached to a fire hydrant or to a valve on the water main.

Voltage from the attachments can travel to properties other than the one whose pipes are being thawed out and that can cause a fire.

Bittle said there has been an increase in fires in southern Minnesota due to the use of welding equipment for thawing out water services. Use a professional plumber instead.

If you have any questions call the fire department at 457-8266 or the city water department at 457-8272.

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