Council-Freezing Utility Lines

The Winona City Council Tuesday unanimously approved a request by city staff to offer a fee reduction to any property owner that has had a frozen utility service line.
The Water Department is aware of at least 90 services line freezing and suspects there may be many more not reported. The resolution states that property owners that have had service lines freeze are allowed up to $140 in fee reduction for the months of February and March.
Assistant City Manager for Public Works, Keith Nelson, says people need to measure their water temperature, if it's 40-degrees or colder they need to run water from one faucet at a rate of one quart per minute.

Nelson says, despite common lore, Minnesota Department of Transportation records indicate the frost should not go down much deeper as temperatures get warmer, so the worst may soon be over.

Property owners who can prove they have had frozen utility lines are required to contact the Water Department at 457-8272 by April 1st to let them know you will be running water continuously for up to two months and request a fee reduction.

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