March Foodshare Drive-Kickoff

The annual Minnesota March Foodshare Food Drive formally kicked off Monday in Winona with a local goal of surpassing the 33,000 pounds of food donated a year ago.
Sandra Burke, Executive Director of Winona Volunteer Services, which operates the Winona County foodshelves, said the organization wants to make sure everyone has food on the table when they need it.

Burke said cash donations area also needed because the cash can leverage much more for the foodshelves.

Throughout the next five weeks, drop barrels will be located in grocery stores, businesses, and in many local churches.  Donations can also be dropped off at Volunteer Services at 402 East second during normal business hours.

Burke said the local foodshelves have been serving an average of over 900 families a month distributing a average of 37,000 pounds of food a month.

She all of the food donated during the December food drive was gone by mid-January.

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