Council-Utility Fees

The Winona City Council Monday unanimously voted to allow a $70 credit on city utility bills, for up to two months, for city residents who run water to prevent frozen service lines.

Two weeks ago, the council approved a fee reduction to any property owner that has already reported a frozen utility service line.

After discussing a $50 credit, Council member Pam Eyden said she thought the $70 credit for February and March, not to exceed $140, was fair because that's what the city agreed to last month.

City Manager, Judy Bodway said this credit would apply only to people who are currently running water to prevent freezing.

The Water Department is aware of 147 water services and 8 sewer services that have reported freezing.

Property owners who are running water to prevent freezing are requested to contact the Water Department at 457-8272 by April 1st to request the fee reduction.   

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