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Property Taxes

The final tally of property taxes due this year presents a mixed bag, with levies rising in some places but falling in others.
Winona County approved a slightly lower than zero-percent increase in its property tax levy December while the Winona City Council lowered the city's tax levy by 1.4 percent for 2014.

But according to the Department of Revenue data, levies are up in 58 counties and are flat or falling in the remaining 29. There are 470 cities that imposed at least some levy increase while 378 have no change or are cutting their levies.

Republican Representative Steve Drazkowski says some local governments are growing too fast and need to be reigned in.

In all, taxing authorities will collect $125 million more than in 2013. But lawmakers also approved $133 million in extra refunds and credits that qualifying homeowners can claim......

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