Glacier Sands Withdraw Plans

A frack sand mining company that wants to build a railroad loading facility near Cochrane-Fountain City School has withdrawn its proposal to have the land rezoned for industrial use.
Glacier Sands, LLC, of Granbury, Texas, withdrew its petition for rezoning of more than 350 acres of land along Kamrowski Road in the Town of Milton three hours before the Buffalo County Board of Supervisors was
scheduled to vote on it.

The proposal was all but doomed after a majority of property owners adjacent to the land protested against it under a state law that forced a super majority vote by the county board to pass it.

A 75 percent majority meant the rezone would have needed backing from 11 of 14 representatives on the county board.

Odds of the rezone passing by a simple majority were in doubt even before the 75-percent rule was invoked on Monday.

The county board released an amended meeting agenda late Tuesday removing the Glacier Sands rezone from the board table.

Lawyers representing Glacier Sands and Milton landowners Robert Kamrowski and John Starkey notified Buffalo County in writing they were pulling their rezone application.
Withdrawal of the rezone application does not mean Glacier Sands is giving up on its proposed development of a rail loading facility for industrial sand and agricultural products.

Glacier Sands says the proposed project was tainted by false information spread amongst the public.

Company officials the company intends to re-engage the Town of Milton and Cochrane-Fountain City School District to "re-address community issues" and eventually revive its pursuit of a rezone.

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