Levee Park Plans

The Levee Park Committee is asking the public to design in on a vision document for Levee Park before deciding what steps to take next.

Committee Chairman Frank Pomeroy said a public hearing will be held at the Winona History Center next Monday, March 31st, and comments and ideas are being sought.

Pomeroy says two formal brief presentations will be made at 5:00 and 7:00 p.m and then the public will be able to get a close up look on their own at the vision documents.

One of the more controversial visions is the possible removal of part of the flood control dike in the park. Pomeroy says while that is being considered no final decisions have been made.

Pomeroy says while the plan was submitted by a University of Minnesota design team, it's the public that will help direct the committee on what recommendartions will be made to the City Council.

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