Rushford Highway Project

The Rushford City Council has approved the plans and specifications for the $3,000,000 Highway 43 reconstruction project involving Rushford's main street.
The Tri-County Record reports the project is now scheduled to get underway in late April or early May. Bids for the project are being sought and a bid opening is scheduled to take place on May 2nd at the Rushford City Hall.
The project involves Rushford's main street and will result in the closing of the street through the heart of downtown.
Detours will be in place until its completed in about October of this year.
Bid forms and the project plans and specs are available at Otomo Engeering Services in Winona. They are also available on line.
The City of Rushford will be required to pay about half of the 3-million dollar cost for the project with the other half coming from the Minnesota Department of Transportation..........

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