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Disaster Relief Bill

As the 2014 Unsession continues, Governor Mark Dayton Monday voiced his support for legislation that would eliminate unnecessary special sessions in time of disaster.

The bill, which was scheduled  to be heard in the House Ways and Means Committee  today, is authored by state Rep. Gene Pelowski of Winona, and state Sen. Richard Cohen.

If passed, the Disaster Relief Reform initiative would establish a disaster contingency account and streamline the process for distributing aid to communities in times of disaster. These reforms would help deliver help to disaster-affected communities more quickly, and save time and money by avoiding costly special sessions of the Legislature.
Following several severe weather events in 2013, Governor Dayton convened a special session of the Legislature to appropriate needed disaster relief funds.  That one-day special session took weeks to prepare for, and cost Minnesota taxpayers more than $32,000......

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