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School Referendums

Voters in the West Salem school district said no to a $32,000,000 referendum to finance the constriction of a new middle school.

The vote was 1,539 no votes to 1,188 yes votes.

The district wanted the funds to replace a 30-year-old building.

But while the voters said no to the new school, they said yes to allowing the district exceed it property tax levy limitation by $550,000. That vote was 1,613 yes too 1,198 no votes.....

Voters in the La Crosse school district approved a 20.9 million dollar referendum over five years Tuesday.
The district wants to use 3.5 million a year for programs and staff. $412,500 will be used for building maintenance and an equal amount for new technology.
The final vote was 4,147 yes votes to 1,990 no votes.

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