First Tow

The ice on Lake Pepin remained over one foot thick Wednesday according to the U-S Army Corps of Engineers which took another round of measurements.
The deepest ice was still 22 inches thick just north of Reads Landing.

That means the commercial shipping season on the Mississippi River in Winona and in St. Paul remains closed.

The latest opening of the shipping season in St. Paul on record is April 13th. A year ago the first towboat reached St. Paul on April 8th.

Towboats usually arrive in Winona area before they attempt to break through the Lake Pepin Ice.

As of Thursday the nearest towboat was the "Wisconsin" which locked through Lock and Dam 10 at Gutenberg, Iowa, Wednesday just before 1:00 a.m.
The Wisconsin was pushing 14 barges upriver but its destination was not available.

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