Levee Park Meeting

The Levee Park Committee Tuesday reviewed dozens of public comments gathered at last months open house on the park's vision documents.

The comments were varied but almost all positive. Many said they would like to see sections of the railroad removed from the levee park area. The committee noted the open house was well attended and they received good feedback that evening.

The committee will have a pre-council meeting with the City Council on June 2nd to present the vision plan and get input from council members. The committee will then finalize their recommendations and present them to the council on June 16th.
At the June 16th meeting the committee will ask the council to accept the vision plan and will likely request funding to hire a design firm.

The committee will next meet Tuesday, April  22nd, at 4:00 p.m. in the Misato Room at City Hall.  

In other business, the committee heard from representatives of Live at the Levee who would like to see a mobile performance pavilion designed that could be used for a variety of things. The goal would be receive some matching grant funding and look for local business partners willing to help fund the project .    



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