Family & Children's Center

Family & Children's Center in Winona will mark Child Abuse Prevention Month  by planting 200 blue kids symbols, serving as a reminder of the hundreds of children reported for abuse in Winona County each year.

The event takes place Tuesday, April 22nd at 10:30 a.m. at the  Family & Children's Center, 601 Franklin Street.

There will be a discussion about the need for abuse/neglect prevention programming, and Sharon Summers, children and family services supervisor for Winona County, will explain the role of children's advocacy centers in ending abuse.
In 2012 more than 18,000 children were reported as abused in Minnesota. The blue kids stand as a symbol of those who were abused-kids who are counting on community support for the resources to help them recover and to stop abusers from victimizing other children.
Each blue kid is sponsored by a community donor. This year's display represents gifts from two dozen local community members, all who share the goal of ending child abuse in Winona.

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