Serial Burglar Arrested

Local authorities said a 58-year-old Rochester man was jailed in Winona on multiple charges Saturday after authorities tailed him for several hours suspecting he was trying to burglarize homes.
Sheriff Dave Brand said Maurice Golston was finally arrested in Olmsted County Saturday afternoon and is now facing recommended charges of felony burglary, attempted burglary. damage to property, theft,  and tresspassing.
Brand said as many as six investigators from Winona County and the City of Winona tailed Goldstein, a known burglar with previous convictions, to see if he was at it again.
After watching Golston enter driveways in Winona, Fillmore, Olmsted and waiting for him to leave, the investigators would check each residence to see  if there was evidence of a breakin.
They found pry marks on several of the residence's doors but no evidence of entry.
They finally found a home that had been entered along Highway 74 in Winona County and Golston was tracked to Olmsted county where the arrest was finally made.....

                 The operation began at 8:40 a.m. Saturday after local authorities were notified by Goodhue County authorities that a suspected burglar was entering Winona County.
                  The case has been turned over to the Winona County Attorney's office for determination of formal charges against Goldstein.....

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