Running Water Credits

Residents of both Winona and Goodview who have been running water in their homes to prevent frozen pipes are being advised Wednesday is the final day they will receive credits.
Goodview Public Works Director Greg Volkhart said the city has had some 400 residents running water during the March and April to prevent pipes from freezing. The city also knows of about 30 places where pipes actually froze.

Goodview residents are getting a credit for 500 gallons of water used while their faucets were running. Volkhart says they will still have to pay the minimum water and sewer fee of $42 a month.

The City of Winona had about one thousand people who reported they left water running in March and April. The city has granted each resident $70 credit for each of the two months.
Both cities say the water can be shut off after Wednesday. But residents would be aware that if the first time they draw water and it is very cold, they may want to keep it running for a while longer.
Volkhart said if the water is below 40-degrees keep the water running.
He is confident the frost is mostly out of the ground by now.....               

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