Lanesboro Residency

Artists in all media are invited to apply for a residency with the Lanesboro Residency Program, a program of Lanesboro Arts Center.

Applications are due annually on June 30th (online submission deadline) for residencies scheduled November 1st through May 31st.

The Lanesboro Residency Program provides an opportunity for emerging artists to create new work and explore new ideas while engaging with the community through their artwork. Through 2-week and 4-week residencies, the program offers artists lodging, studio space, project/community facilitation, a stipend of between $1000-$2500, and the time and space to focus solely on their art.

As a component of each residency, artists spend time providing opportunities for learning, dialog and enrichment within the community. Lanesboro Arts Center supports two to four Residencies each year.

To apply, artists will submit a completed applicant information page, resume, residency project proposal including a description of their community outreach aspect, work samples, and a letter of recommendation.  
Contact Lanesboro Arts Center for more information or to receive an application in the mail at 507-467-2446.

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