Sand Offloading Resumes

Ames Construction, Inc., general contractor on the I-90/Dresbach Bridge and Approach Roadway Interchange Project, is resuming offloading the large stockpile of sand on Dakota Island beginning this week.

An eight-acre site on Dakota Island, located in Navigation Pool 7, was designated a dredged material placement site in the 1980s. Sand from periodic channel maintenance dredging activities has been temporarily stored in this designated site, which is at capacity.

The need for sand in the bridge project provides an opportunity to empty the placement site and use the sand for a beneficial purpose. The sand meets the specifications required for the bridge construction project.
Last fall, about 90,000 cubic yards of sand were loaded and barged to the worksite before the operation was suspended due to the onset of winter. An estimated 160,000 cubic yards remain to be offloaded this summer.

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