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Some changes will be coming in Wabasha County when it comes to elected officials.

Wabasha County Attorney Jim Nordstrom did not file for re-election. Nordstrom's assistant, Karrie Kelly, has filed to replace him without opposition.

Controversial Wabasha County Commissioner Deb Roschen also did not file for re-election in her District 2. Instead two challenges have filed. They are: Brian Goihl of Lake City and Simon Kehren of Zumbro Falls.
Incumbent Commissioner Mike Wobbe of Wabasha will be
challenged by Anrdu Peters of Lake City in District 4, while incumbent David Harms will be opposed by Tom Dwelle in the 5th District. Both are from Lake City.
Wabasha County Sheriff Rodney Baertsch will be opposed by Scott O'Hara of Zumbo Falls.
                   Auditor-Treasurer Denise Alexander has no opposition for his position.

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