Turtles- Road Crossings

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reminding people that turtles crossing roads now are often moving to familiar nesting locations.
Allowing turtles to cross the roads is vital to the preservation of regional populations.

The DNR's Carol Hall says many turtles and other species are killed on Minnesota roads each year, especially during the nesting season. Hall says the fact is roadway mortality is believed to be a major factor in turtle population declines throughout the United States.
In Minnesota, where all turtles are mainly aquatic, overland journeys usually occur: in connection with seasonal movements between different wetland habitats; during the annual early summer nesting migration of egg laden females; or when newly hatched youngsters seek out the backwaters and ponds for their permanent home. Turtles can travel many miles during a single year, and may even be found far from water.

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