Beach Harbor Road Agreement

Alma has an agreement with Hoffman Construction of Black River Falls, Wis., for using Beach Harbor Road for trucking of dredged river sand.

The company is responsible for damages to the road and must pay 7.5 cents for every cubic yard of sand hauled on the roadway.

Alma City Clerk Linda Torgerson said Beach Harbor Road was filmed in advance to have a record of road condition before trucks began hauling sand on June 5th.

An estimated 500,000 cubic yards of sand to be moved by trucks using the city road to access State Highway 35 would bring the city $37,500.

The agreement, Torgerson said, also requires the company to pay for road repairs when the project concludes.

Dredged river sand stockpiled on a site adjacent to Alma Beach Park and boat marina was getting trucked to agricultural land restoration projects in the towns of Nelson and Belvidere, according to contracts awarded by the federal Army Corps of Engineers.
Torgerson said Alma normally receives 15 cents per cubic yard for those periodically hauling sand from the placement site.

A special agreement with Hoffman Construction lowered the hauling rate to half the regular rate with condition that the company pay for road damages.
Beach Harbor Road runs some 4/10th of a mile from State Highway 35 to the entrance of the dredge spoils site.
A private dredging company from La Crosse was moving sand from another placement site upriver and off-loading it from barges pushed to the Alma site.

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