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City Council-Levee Park

The Winona City Council Monday voted to accept several recommendations from the Levee Park Committee on how to proceed to implement parts of the Vision Plan to redesign the park.  
The council also voted to alocate up to $6,000 to conduct a one-day workshop with a consultant. The workshop would result in getting cost estimates for elevation changes in Levee Park and closing Cal Fremling Parkway.

George Borzyskowski voted no, noting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would need to approve any changes to the levee structure.

Some of the recommendations incude removing the fence between the park and the railroad tracks, improve/widen the pedestrian walkway over the tracks and engaging a group to study the location and funding strategies for the John Latsch statue in Levee Park.
The council voted 6-1 to NOT study or consider any gates or changes to the Levee flood wall. Pam Eyeden voted against that motion, saying she would rather consider options during the workshop.

Following the workshop, which is yet to be scheduled, staff will bring back cost estimates back to Council. During the 2015 budget process, staff will include funding for Levee Park.       


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