Falcon Banding

Three peregrine falcon chicks were successfully banded Wednesday on the Wabasha interstate bridge over the Mississippi River.

The chicks, two females and a male, were born in a nesting box placed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation on the bridge in 2009.
MnDOT aided members of the Midwest Peregrine Society in completing the operation and blood samples were also taken from the birds.

Both parents are banded with the mother born a year ago in the John Latsch State Park near Minneiska a year ago. The father was born near a power plant in Rothschild, Wisconsin.                

The chicks were given names. The male is Wally and the two females are Daytona and Kora Rose. They were 15-to-16 days old.

The falcons will continue to be monitored by the peregrine society as well as spotters from the National Eagle Center in Wabasha.

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