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Winona Ambulance Service-Bikes

The Winona Area Ambulance Service (WAAS) team can now get closer to the action at community events and closer to the people who may need their help.

That's because the WAAS Bike Team recently rolled into the community.

Kyle Rogers, a WAAS paramedic and the Bike Team coordinator, says the primary reason is to provide faster response to emergency situations at events.

In addition, the WAAS staff believes having a Bike Team is an opportunity to increase communication with people in the communities they are here to serve. Rogers says it's a way for them to have a presence at more events, and it's easier to interact because we're out in the crowd, on the bike path or just in the neighborhood.

WAAS currently has two bikes. There was no increase in staffing because the Bike Team is made up of the current WAAS paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians already serving as first responders.

The Bike Team is available for community events such as run/walks, festivals and parades for no charge. If you're planning an event and would like to have Winona Area Ambulance Service Bike Team on hand, contact Rogers at 452-5351.

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