Sex Sting

The Winona County Sheriff's Department says six men spent the 4th of July weekend in the Winona County Jail on sex charges after they were arrested in connection with an online sting operation.

Dubbed 'Operation Lady Liberty,' the men responded to an online ad last Thursday and were arrested when they showed up at a local hotel expecting to meet up with two female prostitutes and money exchanged hands.

Chief Deputy Ron Ganrude said the phony ad promised a two-for-one...two females offering their services.

The men were held in jail over the weekend pending court appearances.

This was the second such operation held in the last two weeks. Two La Crosse men were arrested June 26th after they responded to an online ad. But what they thought was a 15-year-old girl also turned out to be law enforcement officers.

Ganrude said police got over 300 responses to that first ad. He did not know how many responded to the second ad.

Ganrude said authorities hope these arrests deter people from conducting this type of activity in the future and that this type of activity has no place in Winona County.

The six who were cited Thursday with hiring or engaging in prostitution were: 47-year-old Christopher Chytracek of Chatfield...56-year-old James Kelly of Wabasha...49-year-old Allen Rasmussen of Rochester...46-year-old Timothy Dziubak of Burnsville...40-year-old Barton Dubak of Burnsville...and 40-year- Deependra Das of Rochester.

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