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Mayo Medical Center

Winona County Board members got their first formal look Tuesday at Rochester's 6-billion dollar plan to develop a destination medical center.

Rochester Community spokesman Scott Haas said the vision is to expand the Mayo Clinic facilities and add as many as 25,000 to 40,000 new jobs within 20 years.
Haas calls it an economic growth plan but to accomodate the large number of additional employees its the surrounding counties like Winona County that will need to supply more housing because Rochester will have no room for all of the new workers.

Haas also suggested County Board members learn more about the plan and take a more active role in attracting future residents to the the county and the city of Winona.

Special committees are currently taking citizen input of the vision and Haas said Rochester is expected to have a master plan for the Destination Medical Center developed by the end of this year with implementation of the plan starting in early 2015.

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