Tax Increases

Despite promises that Minnesotan's property taxes would be lowered by a state government controlled completely by Democrats, a new report confirms that they are actually rising at an accelerating pace.

According to a non-partisan analysis by Minnesota House Research, statistics now show that statewide property tax levies are projected to rise by $238 million, a 92 percent gain over last year's increase.

Republican lawmakers noted the overall property tax increases are projected to rise by 3.3 percent in Greater Minnesota and 2.4 percent in the Metro Area. Based on a statewide average, residential homesteads can expect a 3.8 percent increase and agricultural property is expected to jump 4.7 percent.

Representative Greg Davids of Preston said the Democrats raised taxes on Minnesotans by more than $2 billion, and vowed this would actually help property taxes go down,  The lead Republican on the House Taxes Committee said this report proves they didn't keep their word and now Minnesotans are going to pay an even steeper price.

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