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Ash Borer-Caledonia

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has confirmed another emerald ash borer infestation in southeastern Minnesota- this time on private land near Caledonia.
MDA Entomologist Mark Abrahamson says the infestation was discovered by a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources forester last Friday one mile northwest of Caledonia in a grove of trees in a cattle pasture on private land. The forester indicated that more than 20 trees were dead or nearly so, which indicates the infestation has existed there for several years or more.
The newly discovered EAB infestation is about 10 miles from previously known infestations in Houston County but is still within the official EAB quarantine area.       Other Minnesota counties included in the quarantine are Hennepin, Ramsey and Winona.

A second release of stingless wasps was to take place in Winona this week in an effort to reduce or eliminate the emerald ash borer.

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