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City Council 4th Ward

The three way race for the Winona City Council's 4th ward seat will be paired down to two final candidates following the August 12th primary.

Incumbent George Borzyskowski is currently in his 16th year on the council. Borzyskowski says he has been listening to the public concerning the proposed new Winona State University ballpark that the city would share with college.

Borzyskowski says he's running again because there are new challenges to meet and he's proud of the way the council has cut it's budget without effecting the basic services the city provides.

Ken Jackson is one of the challengers to Borzyskowski. Jackson says the city needs to be careful with it's dealings with WSU because he feels it's been a lopsided relationship in favor of the school.

Jackson says he running to help provide more visibility in local government.                     

Borzyskowski and Jackson, along with Matt Hazelton, will face off in the primary and the two candidates with the most votes will be on the November general election ballot.

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