Drug Arrests-China Package

Local authorities say two Minnesota City residents were jailed Friday after their Hidden Valley residence was searched and a package that was shipped from China was discovered to contain a synthetic drug.

Charged with both fifth degree possession and sale of a controlled substance were: 28-year-old Roy Terral Gore, the Third, and 22-year-old Melanie Lee Starks.

Winona County Sheriff's Investigator Kraig Glover said a search warrant was executed on Friday after a package, that drew suspicion from the U-S Postal Service, was allowed to be delivered to the residence.

When officers entered the home they discovered the package had been opened and it contained six grams of a crystal-like substance that tested positive for a  synthetic drug. Glover said other drugs and drug paraphernalia were also found in the home, some in a bedroom and some in a toilet.

Glover said suspicious Postal Service inspectors notified authorities on July 30th, when a second package for the same residence arrived in the mail.  A similar first package was delivered to the same address on July First.  Both packages contained the name of Paul Johnson Smith on the address label. Glover said the name was determined to be a fake.             

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