School Board

The Winona Area Public School Board Thursday discussed a new position being sought by new Superintendent, Dr. Stephen West.
West presented the job description for a proposed Research, Evaluation, and  Assessment position.
Board member Ben Baratto voiced his concerns over adding any additional staff when enrollement numbers continue to decline.

Baratto says he thinks the job descriptions of the position could be done ''in-house'' with current staff.
Dr. West said he would not be asking for the position if he didn't think it was essential and pointed out the position would cost-neutral to the board's approved budget.

The position would help continue establishing measurable standards and  align standards and the district assessment program.

Superintendent West said he didn't know whether or not the position needed board approval, since it was within the budget. After discussions, Board Chair, Mohamed Elhindi, said he felt the board should vote on it and it will be brought back as an action item.

Board members Jeane Nelson, Steve Schild, Jay Kohner and Brian Zeller each expressed some support for the position.       

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