Wabasha Sand Operation

With the possibility of a lawsuit being mentioned, the Wabasha City Council Thursday reluctantly agreed to an out-of-court settlement with a local company to allow it to bring in 80 more truckloads of silica sand daily from Wisconsin, for a total of up to 120.
The alternative, an attorney told the council, was to possibly lose a suit brought by Jim Roemer Transport LLC against the city and then there might be no limits on the number of trucks and when they could come through the city.

According to the Post-Bulletin, there are 25 conditions to the deal, inclduing.... all railroad cars will be covered and access roads must be paved, no washing or sorting of sand can be done there and no sand can be stockpiled in uncovered piles. Roemer must also pay $50,000 that the city could use to repair roads.

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