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Council-Proposed Budget

The second of two public budget review sessions by the Winona City Council was held Tuesday.
Community Services Director Chad Ubl noted there are $60,000 in fines currently owed the public library. Ubl says many of the fines are less than $5 but the city is trying to collect large fines over $200.

Council member Pam Eyden said that the $17,000 budgeted to the library is far less than in many previous years. Ubl says the city's goal is to slowly increase their budget to $100,000.

The library will also get 40,000 in their budget from the Memorial Fund in addition to the city's amount.

The council will vote on the proposed budget in September and set the levy limit, which means the city can lower the proposed levy amount but can not increase it before the final vote in December.

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