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Dairy Prices

Wisconsin dairy farmers should see average milk checks rise above $24 per hundredweight for August.
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture said preliminary data showed sales of average milk test quality rising to $24.10 per 100 pounds.
    The all-milk price reflects the gross price received by dairy producers, according to National Agricultural Statistics Service.
    Wisconsin farmers averaged $23.50 per hundred in July. August pricing was forecast to go up 60 cents in Wisconsin, some 40 cents higher than national milk sales, NASS said.
    A 40-pound block of cheese on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange closed at $2.32 per pound on Aug. 28 while 500-pound barrels adjusted for moisture brought $2.32 per pound and butter was going for $2.75 a pound.
    Corn price in Wisconsin was forecast at $3.70 per bushel, down 55 cents from July, according to preliminary data. Corn was $2.48 higher a year ago.
    Soybean price was figured at $12.40 per bushel, down 90 cents and $2 less than a year ago. Oat Price was $3.50, down 49 cents.

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