Jim Trotter

6a-11a Weekdays

Jim hosts Party Line at 10:05-10:30am

Quote: "Appreciate the snow plow driver."

Interests: Still like to camp during the summer and fall. we like to go to outdoor concerts and visit friends in the upper Midwest.
Favorite recording artists include the Oak Ridge Boys, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. We like good bluegrass too.

Favorite tv shows include some of the reality shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race. The Antique Road Show and Sunday morning news and sports talk shows. 

Michele Magnuson

12 Noon-12:30pm Weekdays
Michele Magnuson was born in Denver CO and raised in Eau Galle WI.  Graduated from High School, got married and received a MBA.  She moved to the area to work in sales at Buffalo Lumber & Tie in 1999.  After the mill closed she worked several other positions and has a lovely teen age daughter, Aurora.   Bought a home in Winona in 2008. Started working at Winona Radio in 2011 as the receptionist...gate keeper and Apple Talk.  In May 2016 she became the host of the Shopping Show on KG Country 1380 and fills in for Jim Trotter on Party Line when he goes on vacation. 

Mark Phillips

11a - 5pm Weekdays
I first started in radio at age 14 working Part Time at my hometown station in Fairfeld, Iowa. I knew then I was hooked at being "On the Air." I've worked at stations in Iowa, Illinois, Florida and Dallas, Texas! My wife Heather and I have a 3 year old son named Austin Cole. I never knew how much having a child could change your life and really make you feel like you had a purpose. There's nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my family which also includes two dogs Buddy and Boomer. I grew up listening to Country Music and am a huge Country Fan especially of artists from the 80's and 90's! When I'm not working or spending time with my family I like to play guitar. I think a lot of people in radio are actually frustrated musicians-­‐-­‐I'm one of them. I love to go to concerts and watch sports on TV. My son is turning into a NASCAR fan and loves to watch the cars go "vroom, vroom" around the track.

Trapper John

5pm - 11pm Weekdays
I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, but was whisked away to Peeksill, New York prior to my first birthday. Transfer’s through my father’s company, led to a few different hometowns before settling in the Dallas suburb of Garland, where I grew up. After graduating from the University of North Texas, I embarked on a professional radio career in the tiny North Texas town of Bridgeport. I currently live with my college-aged son, and is thrilled to be living near his mother, father, sisters, and brother. In my spare time, I enjoy movies and sports and TRY to maintain an active lifestyle. Musically, I enjoy New and Classic Country as well as Classic Rock

Todd Chambless

I grew up in West Monroe, LA…and go back as often as I can to visit family. Radio folks normally move around more than most other professionals…so I had my share of moving. I’ve lived in cities like Wheeling, WV…Pittsburgh, PA…Columbus, OH, Macon, GA…and others in between. I’ve settled for Dallas-­‐Fort Worth,, TX. My wife and I are actively involved in church…and we love music, traveling and being with friends. I’m a movie fan, so I love going to see new releases. I’ve always been in love with Country, Pop and Christian music…so, I’m always looking for new releases and discovering old favorites.