Winona Health-Telecare

Winona Health wants the public to know about its Telecare program.

Telecare volunteers make daily phone calls, including weekends and holidays, to Telecare clients. The phone call is a way for individuals who live alone to stay connected on a daily basis and know that someone will follow up if they are unable to get to the phone.

The free Telecare service is available to people of all ages who are disabled, elderly or live alone and would feel reassured by hearing a friendly voice calling to check in. Calls are made between 8 and 10 a.m. If a Telecare client cannot be reached on a scheduled day, the Telecare volunteer will contact the friend or relative the client has chosen as their contact person.

Winona Health Volunteers have provided this service since 1973. Currently, nearly 25 volunteers participate in offering the service.

Telecare is available to anyone in the Winona Health service area. For more information or to sign up to receive this free service, call the Winona Health volunteer office at 457-4342......

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