Corn Prices

Corn prices only gained a dime to average out at $3.23 a bushel for Wisconsin corn producers in October, according to government agricultural reports released on Nov. 30th. 
The corn price was 34 cents a bushel lower than it was in October 2015, overshadowed by better prices seen for soybeans. 
The USDA said October soybean prices averaged $9.24 a bushel in Wisconsin, down a dime from September, but 68 cents higher than a year ago.

All class milk price averaged $17 per hundredweight in Wisconsin in October, down 90 cents from September, USDA said. 
U.S. all-milk price was $16.60 per hundred pounds, 40 cents under Wisconsin and off 70 cents from September nationally. The milk price in  Minnesota was at $17.20. 

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