Telepsychiatry-Winona Health

Winona Health is set to begin offering telepsychiatry services to expand access to mental health expertise. 
Director of Behavioral Health, John Rislove, says "telepsychiatry is behavioral health care delivered through a video system in a secure, private place.
Rislove said that telepsychiatry services have proved to be as effective as in-person services, with the only difference being that the provider is not in the same room. He describes the visit to have the feel of a skype or facetime visit but through a more secure communication network.
Winona Health is offering telepsychiatry, beginning this month, as a way to counteract a nationwide shortage of psychiatrist providers. Telepsychiatry professionals are experts in their field and are trained in providing quality care using technology.  
For more information or to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional, call Winona Health Psychiatric and Counseling Services at 454-2606......

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