Dairy Production

Wisconsin dairy farm operations produced 2.41 billion pounds of milk in November, a 2 percent gain from a year ago. 
The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture said Wisconsin's 1.28 million milk cows in November was about the same as a year ago, but production was up. 
The average Wisconsin milk cow in November produced 1,890 pounds, a 45-pound increase over 12 months ago. 
Milk production went up in a majority of major dairy states, ranging from 11 percent highs in Kansas and Texas, and down 4 percent in Utah. 
California, the leading dairy producer, was about the same as a year ago, 3.21 billion pounds for November. 
Wisconsin is 2nd, with New York and Idaho about tied for distant 3rd place in production, both under 1.2 billion pounds...... 

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