Water Testing

Buffalo County government agencies with backing of the county board have put together $10,000 to promote testing of private water wells. 
The county's public health agency and university extension services are working together on a program to have all private wells in the county tested. 
A $5,000 grant obtained by public health was matched by $5,000 put up by the county board from CapX 2020 account funds. 
The money is aimed at testing approximately 165 private wells at reduced rates to homeowners. There are more than 3,900 residential private wells in Buffalo County.

Agencies reporting to the county board said the county has not had a private well-water testing program since the 1990s. 
Wisconsin has seen elevated concentrations of nitrates, arsenic and other contaminants showing up in water supplies, prompting more interest in monitoring of private well-waters. 
The plan in Buffalo County was to target private wells located in Gilmanton due to severe flash-flooding in 2016, and in Buffalo City where many wells have tested high nitrate counts. 

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