County Property Sales

Winona County Recorder Bob Bambenek says 2016 was a very impressive year for property sales in the county when compared to previous years.

In his report to the Winona County Board of Commissioners, Bambenek said total real estate sales in the county went up by some 14-million dollars in 2016 to 178.9 million dollars.

Mortgage loans also increased in 2016 by almost 100 million dollars to 301.5 million dollars while many other counties in this area, with the exception of Olmsted County, saw their totals go down in both areas.

Bambenek said mortgage foreclosures in the county went up slightly in 2016.

The largest rural property sale in Winona County was 206 acres that went for $10,560 can acre, but it included some land near St. Charles that was also in Olmsted County.
The largest home sale in the county was near Dresbach where a home sold for $578,000.


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