Trump Inauguration-4-H

A Winona County 4-H member from St. Charles has been selected to watch the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump in person in Washington D-C later this month. 

Rachael Nunemacher is one of 50 4-H students from Minnesota chosen through a competitive application and interview process through the Presidential Inauguration Focus program.

At the National 4-H Youth Conference Center and other select events, Rachael will join other delegates from around the country to get a first-hand look at the democratic process.  

The inauguration will be held on January 20th, and this year will see President-elect Donald Trump take the oath of office. Rachael's trip begins January 16th and concludes January 21st.  On Inauguration Day, the group will witness the Oath of Office, Presidential Inaugural Address, parade, followed by a dinner, dance, and cruise.  While in the capital, Rachael will actively participate in workshops.

The college freshman says she would like to help others understand the Democratic process better so more people will vote and take part in making America better.  She is a member of Little Valley Victors 4-H Club......

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