Buffalo County Plowing

Snowplowing of county trunk highways in Buffalo County will take place from 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. under a winter maintenance policy approved by the county's highway committee. 
State highways in Buffalo County are plowed and serviced for icing around the clock by county maintenance crews under contract with the State Dept. of Transportation. 
On county roads...those identified by letters...maintenance services will be limited on weekends and holidays. 
Weekend and holiday winter maintenance will be limited to keeping roads passable, defined as open to travel when driven by vehicles with "reasonably conditioned all weather tires. 

Sanding, the only product used on county trunk roads, will be limited to hills and curves in most instances, the highway committee said. 
Full width clean-up and grading of county trunk highways will be limited to regular working hours, dependent on weather conditions and availability of equipment, the policy says..... 

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