Deer Management Meetings

People interested in deer will have a chance to discuss goals and values that could define Minnesota's first-ever deer management plan in a series of 12 public engagement meetings the Department of Natural Resources will host throughout the state between Tuesday, Jan. 31st, and Thursday, March 2nd. 
The meetings are designed to help the DNR and its Deer Management Plan Advisory Committee use input collected from a wide range of stakeholders this summer and fall. Committee members will help the DNR develop an outline of draft deer management goals that will be discussed at each meeting. 

These meetings will be different than typical input meetings. To get in-depth discussions and feedback, considerable time will be devoted to small group brainstorming and discussions. This format will help ensure we capture everyone's ideas in more detail and depth.

One of the meetings in this area will be on Monday. February 6th, at Rochester Century High School from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.....

     During the next year, committee members will review technical information and public input collected through this and other processes. The committee will make recommendations to the DNR for the deer plan, which is expected to be finished by the spring of 2018....

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