Deer Feeding Ban

A ban prohibiting the feeding of wild deer is in effect in an area that includes all of Fillmore, Houston, Mower, Olmsted and Winona counties as part of the DNR's comprehensive long-term management strategy of Chronic Wasting Disease. 

The deer feeding ban makes it illegal to place or have food capable of attracting wild deer. This includes salt/mineral blocks and deer attractants. People who feed birds or small mammals must do so in a manner that precludes access to deer or place the food at least 6 feet above ground level. 

The purpose of the ban is to reduce the potential for the disease to spread from deer-to-deer by reducing the number of deer concentration sites. The disease can spread from one deer to another following nose-to-nose contact, contact with saliva or other body fluids. 

Of note: The feeding ban encompasses a wider area than the CWD zone because the potential extent of the infection is not known and one of the most probable mechanisms for CWD spread among deer is over a food source that concentrates animals and allows close contact......

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