Power Outages

Numerous power outages have been reported in the Winona area due to the snow storm.

Rushford's MiEnergy Cooperative line crews in Minnesota began responding to the first power outage calls just after midnight Wednesday. Most of the outages are individual lines and tap lines due to snow covered tree branches sagging down into power lines. 

The heavy snow on the power lines is also making them sag. As the heavy snow falls off a power line, it will cause it to bounce into the other line, causing an outage. 

Approximately 500 members have been affected since the start of the storm. MiEnergy expects crews to be working throughout the day restoring power. The road conditions are making it difficult for crews to get around.

Because the majority of the outages are individual, members are encouraged to call 1-800-432-2285 to report their power outage. Don't assume your neighbor has called because they may have power. 

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