Wabasha Prairie Burning

The Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge says it will be igniting controlled fires on brush and timber slash piles at the 80-acre Wabasha Prairie site near Wabasha in the near future.  
Since 2007, nearly 800 cords of red pine and oak have been removed from the site to promote the restoration of prairie and slow the spread of oak wilt disease. 

In addition to burning slash piles from a winter 2016 tree harvest, oak trees will be cut, and brush will be mowed across the prairie. These activities will require the use of several large pieces of equipment over many days. Therefore the site will be closed to public entry, burning will only occur when there is continuous snow surrounding the slash piles, and finally, trained and certified fire personnel will be on-site to oversee the operation. 

It is anticipated that the slash pile burning will occur during the week of February 6th, however, preparations for this activity may begin sooner and weather conditions may extend the project into future weeks. 
Wabasha Prairie is located approximately seven miles southeast of Wabasha.....

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