Humane Society Designation

A proposal that would designate a non-profit county humane association based in Mondovi as the Buffalo County Humane Society was tabled by the county board. 
A resolution was tabled because work on a proposed contractual agreement was not resolved yet, county officials were told. 
The county humane association at Mondovi has a new dog shelter and group of volunteers primarily based in the northern area of the county. 
It was not clear if the organization could take on the task of providing stray dog services throughout the county. 
A resolution passed in committee said it was right for the welfare of stray dogs in the county to designate the association as the county humane society. 
The finance committee proposed that under a contract agreement the humane society would receive all dog license fund money other than $1,000 held back in a county fund to comply with state law for administrative services. 

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